Let’s dive in together and see what the top 6 advantages of using a time and attendance software solution at your company are! Ready? Let’s go.

Risk Management

Making sure that your company stays on the right side of the law should be priority #1 for every and all company wishing to last more than 2 months. By using time and attendance software, you can be sure that your numbers are always accurate and you’re always aware of which of your employees are working overtime amongst other things you need to keep track off.

Employee Management

An informed employee is usually a motivated employee. Stop having employees wonder how much time they’ve worked in a week when they could just be looking it up themselves without being forced to remember if they clocked in a 9 or 9:05 on Tuesday.

Decreased Waste

Some cities are now planning to ban straws, yet we throw away timecards as our lives depended on it on a weekly basis. A time and attendance software solution will let you avoid all of that useless junk that is going towards polluting the one planet we have (for now, we see you Elon..)

Automatic Documentation

Time and Attendance software lets you have a system that is completely automated. You could cut 30% off from the work your accountants currently do with just a simple time and attendance software solution that would do the heavy lifting for your team.

Prevent time theft

We’ve all had a friend clock us out right? Ok, maybe I’m the only one. Nonetheless, that is a real cost of business and time theft tends to add up over a week, a month, or even a year. With a software solution, there’s no more worrying about that happening.

Centralize Data

Make sure your data is in one place at your organization and stop accountants from having to chase down timecards in 5 different offices because employees are too busy to bring them to the proper place.