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Virtual Badge Eliminates Pen and Paper Reporting

The Problem With Traditional Data Collection

Collecting field data and then processing it properly is time-consuming and tedious. It’s difficult for managers to read bad handwriting on job details, surveys, or customer requests, and that can lead to late or missed service and internal problems. With a traditional process that involves pen and paper or phone calls, someone has to transcribe messages and then file them. Without a good filing system, sometimes paperwork can’t even be found.

Inefficiencies with data collection can grind an otherwise solid operation to a standstill. What happens when client requests can’t get attended to in a timely manner? Even worse, what if incorrect service was performed because something was transcribed improperly? It can be even harder to manage if an organization is servicing multiple locations or regions.

Virtual Badge was designed to keep managers “in the know” for any job they’re working on. Create standardized mobile forms and surveys that badge-holders can complete and even upload their photos and signatures. When a badge-holder submits a form, managers can see it instantly, and it’ll be time/date stamped, geo-coded, and tied to the ID of the submitter. Stay on top of a busy workforce with Virtual Badge forms.

Eliminate Pen And Paper Reporting With Virtual Badge

It can be very difficult to respond to requests in a timely manner when everything is recorded with pen and paper. Trying to find physical files and understand bad handwriting can cause headaches and workforce management delays that can really hurt an organization. Skip the extra time involved in paperwork and let Virtual Badge’s mobile forms and surveys take your organization to the next level.

  • Admins Create Standardized Mobile Forms and Surveys
  • Badge-holders Can Submit Forms While in the Field
  • Submitted Forms Are Time & Date Stamped, Geocoded and Tied to the Submitter
  • Submitted Forms Improve Data Accuracy and Reduce Response Times
  • Admins See Submitted Forms Instantly and Can File Them Into Cases
  • Admins Can Create Reports Based on Submitted Data

How Do I Use This In The Real World?

In Healthcare

Manage supplier and vendor jobs more easily by knowing when jobs are done and if anyone needs extra help.

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For Contractors

Let your contractors complete your onboarding forms and upload their documentation from a mobile device.

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In Construction

Have instant access to data about daily site surveys, safety issues, and make everyone accept the site rules.

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