Digital ID Badges Eliminate Construction Headaches

Virtual Badges are 21st century ID badges for 21st century construction companies.

Streamline onboarding & safety credentialing for workers & improve visitor & project management to reduce risk -- all from a smartphone.

Make Onboarding & Vetting Workers Way Easier

It can take forever to issue ID badges and ensure everyone is compliant at the job-site.

Delays cost a lot of money. Virtual Badge can eliminate those delays.

Mobile Onboarding & Badging

Make onboarding easier by allowing workers to upload all required information and receive a badge through the VB mobile app.

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Store & Track Safety Credentials

Make it easier for workers to stay in safety compliance - upload credentials like OSHA certificates and be reminded when they expire.

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Background Check Integration

Eliminate steps and delays when bringing on new workers - use Virtual Badge to background check your workers when you onboard them.

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Upgraded Safety Management, Time Tracking & Issue Reporting

With old methods like pen-and-paper, it can be hard to keep tabs on what is happening on-site, especially you're not there.

Digital ID badges make job-sites safer & connect everyone together, resulting in less disputes and issues.

Improve Safety Management

Reduce safety issues because you'll know violations and potential problems will be reported and supervisors will be assigned to correct them.

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Automatic Time On-Site Tracking

Skip using paper time cards and sign-in sheets because Virtual Badge can automatically track your time as soon as you are on-site.

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Respond To Issues Faster

Stop sorting through paperwork and reduce response times to issues because you'll know exactly what's happening on-site.

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Capabilities For The Entire Job-Site (Not Just ID Badges)

It can be really difficult to manage multiple projects and remote workers with pen-and-paper.

Introducing capabilities that manage visitors, data, deliveries, and more.

Manage Deliveries & Site Visitors

Pre-register suppliers and visitors so you'll know who they are, when they'll arrive, and who they'll be seeing.

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Mobile Surveys & Forms

Have instant access to site surveys, supply requests, and any other type of information loaded into Virtual Badge.

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Easy Personnel Management

Virtual Badge keeps the construction site on a smartphone -- managers can issue and revoke badges on-demand anywhere, anytime.

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The Future of Identity Management

The world's first smartphone ID system is your passkey to everything. Simple, safe, and secure, Virtual Badge elevates identity management for your organization. Eliminate onboarding headaches, immediately improve compliance, and empower your badge-holders with additional capabilities no plastic ID card can offer.

  • Mobile Onboarding & Badging
  • HR System Integration
  • Credential Storage & Certificate Validation
  • Background Screening Integration
  • Job-Site Time & Location Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Messaging & Alerts
  • 1099-Compliant Contractor Payments

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