Manage Memberships Easier With Virtual Badge

Virtual Badge is a membership management software that helps you simplify 
onboarding, payment, communication, and coordination for your organization.
Virtual Badge can help your organization anywhere, anytime.  With Virtual Badge, your members will be connected to you at all times.  Increase member engagement, improve communication and solve management headaches that keep you from focusing on your mission.
Virtual Badge can help your membership organization reduce costs and increase engagement.  With Virtual Badge, you can issue badges, take membership payments, and coordinate your members during events.  We can help you save time and frustrations because you can manage your organization with just your smartphone.
Manage Memberships Easier With Virtual Badge
Remote Onboarding
Use your smartphone to onboard members remotely.  Issue membership cards easier with the Virtual Badge app.
Payment Processing
Use the Virtual Badge payment gateway to make it much easier to take membership payments and donations.
Manage your member details easier because Virtual Badge helps you keep track of skills, certifications, and other documentation.
Announcements & Messages
Keep in contact with your members by sending messages and announcements with Virtual Badge.  No more group texts.
Event Management
Manage events from your smartphone.  Know what's happening and what urgent needs are.
Surveys & Forms
Send mobile surveys and forms to your members, and get their feedback quicker and easier.
Attendance Tracking
Virtual Badge helps you know which members attend your events and know how long they stay. 
Reports & Exports
Create reports on your members and your events, so you can know where and how to improve.
The Future of Identity Management
Virtual Badge can help you run your membership organization.  Smartphone IDs can help improve processes related to member management, collection of payments, and communication. 
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